90% LTV Mortgages (Ideal for First Time Buyers)

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90% LTV Mortgages for first time buyers

There’s no question that the top 90% Loan to Value (LTV) mortgage deals for first time buyers are starting to look better at last as more and more lenders begin to offer 90% mortgages again creating healthier competition and better deals.

High LTV Mortgages, such as the 90% mortgages discussed here enable first time buyers with a low deposit to put down just 10% of the property value as the deposit. There are quite a number of 90% mortgage deals now available, each with potentially different mortgage lending criteria, interest rates, lending charges and conditions. It can be quite a chore to search through the lenders deals yourself, and as comparison websites don’t always have access to the lenders best deals, so it is always a good idea to speak to a knowledgable mortgage broker – such as Ascot Mortgages to make sure you are getting the best mortgage available.

Lending criteria for 90% LTV Mortgages

90% Mortgages do usually come with stricter lending criteria which can vary between lenders – but fortunately as the mortgage market is beginning to ease up (2013) this lending criteria is gradually relaxing. However a good credit score is generally essential with all lenders.

Word of caution – not all 90% mortgages can be considered a “good deal” – it can be quite common for 90% LTV mortgages to have higher than average lending charges, higher interest rates, and /or expensive extended tie-in. So if you are considering taking out a 90 percent mortgage you should speak to a reputable mortgage broker such as Ascot Mortgages who will be able to make sure you are getting the best mortgage deal available.
Other financial considerations when buying your first home:

First time buyers with limited case available for a deposit need to also factor in
other expenses associated with buying your first home:-

  • Mortgage Arrangement Fee (this can in most cases be added to the mortgage)
  • Mortgage Valuation Fee (can sometimes be added to the mortgage)
  • Independent Homebuyer or Buildings Survey
  • Legal Fees (some lenders will contribute towards the cost of your legal fees)

Ascot Mortgages offer a comprehensive range of mortgages from across the market. We are dedicated to providing the very best financial advice and the highest standards in customer service.

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