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Bridging finance loans can provide fast access to funding with the minimum of formalities and can be used for a range of purposes including property investmentcommercial property, land, overseas investments, buying a business, or just to raise capital to aid cash flow.

Bridging Finance Loans – Short Term Finance Loans

Bridging finance loans are a short term finance loan often used in purchases that need to complete quickly to prevent a property or very good price being lost. These can be used until properties have been sold or to purchase property where there is a requirement for auction finance due to the 28 day completion deadline allowing a longer period of time to obtain more permanent lending finance such as a mortgage. Bridging is short term finance and is typically redeemed in full upon the sale or refinance of the property. When using for auction finance, a bridging loan can be valuable lending under circumstances where a property requires substantial works to improve or make the property habitable.

Financing a Property Development

Bridging finance can be used as development finance if the turnaround of the project is expected to be relatively quick. A bridging loan can allow the borrower to buy a property which at the time of purchase is deemed ‘unmortgageable’ until the renovation or remedial work is completed. Once the purchaser has completed the required works they can apply for a mortgage and repay the bridging loan.

Bridging finance is a short term funding and is probably the most under used form of financing available when assessing property loans. Bridging finance loans can provide fast access to funding with the minimum of formalities and can be used for a range of purposes including investment and commercial property financing through commercial bridging loans.

Bridging Financing for Purchasing Properties for Full Renovation

Bridging finance can be used in a number of different circumstances for example renovation, refurbishment or purchasing dilapidated properties for full renovation. Property loans such as these can be obtained for either investment property financing or commercial property financing. Bridging finance is simply the name for short term investment loans and is sometimes also known as interim finance.

Ascot are an experienced UK bridging finance broker. We are dedicated to providing the very best financial advice and the highest standard of customer service. Please contact Ascot, and we will help you secure the best finance solution quickly.

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