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Paragon predicts buy to let growth

The Paragon Banking Group has forecast that, in 2018, their buy to let lending will exceed that of 2017 by as much as 25%.

Optimistic or pessimistic about buy to let investing?

In recent months there have been contradictory headlines about the buy to let market. Some media are pessimistic, saying that there is a mass exodus by landlords from the buy to let, whilst other headlines are more positive declaring that buy to let remains a solid type of investment.

Buy-to-let mortgage rates rise

In August the Bank of England increased its base interest rate by 0.25%. This rate rise has led to buy-to-let mortgage rate increases

Report reveals best university towns for buy to let

Property website Zoopla has published a list of the best university towns for buy to let landlords.

The buy to let business: difficult but profitable

Recent government changes have made it more expensive and more difficult to run a buy to let business.

Buy-to-let market still attractive to first time landlords

Research by Sainsbury’s Banks has revealed that 9% of British adults are interested in investing in the buy to let market.

How lenders are helping expat buy to let landlords

There are many UK residents who move to live abroad. Many of them purchase buy to let property to provide an income and a home for when they return to live in the UK.

Buy-to-let borrowers getting younger

According to research by online buy-to-let estate agent Yieldit, the average age of buy-to-let purchasers has dropped

Report predicts buy to let market to stabilize by 2021

A new report from the Centre for Economics and Business Research in association with Shawbrook Bank has forecast that volume in the buy to let property market will decrease, but by 2021 the market will become stable

Research reveals buy to let investment mostly profitable

New research by British Pearl, a property investment platform, has revealed that over a five-year period, around 83% of buy to let investments are profitable