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How to protect a commercial mortgage if key individuals die

When taking out commercial mortgages a key individual such as the business owner or a director has a level of responsibility for repaying outstanding debt. If they die or become seriously ill, there could be difficulties in running the business profitably and repaying the commercial mortgage. It can be especially difficult if the person responsible...

Why most workers need income protection cover

Income protection cover is a type of insurance that pays out a percentage of your salary if you cannot work through injury or illness, and is something most workers should take out. Payments are made until you

How mortgage life insurance cover works

Mortgage life insurance cover will pay off the outstanding mortgage if you die, which can be a great financial help for your

Critical illness advice for ‘No Tobacco Day’

May 31 is ‘No Tobacco Day’, which calls upon governments and individuals to recognise the dangers of tobacco and the illness it can cause. Of course, we all hope to avoid illness altogether, but if it does strike us, we

Some frequently asked questions about mortgage insurance

The largest debt that most households have is the mortgage. To keep up the monthly mortgage payments usually requires one or more members of the household need to have a full-time job, but what happens if you or

An introduction to mortgage insurance

The largest debt for most households is the mortgage on their home. To keep up to date on mortgage payments is normally dependant on one or more members of the household having a full-time job. If you could not work

Critical illness advice for Safety and Health at Work Day

At different stages of life, unforeseen events can happen that can have a negative effect on your finances. With today being World Day for Safety and Health at Work, it seems an apt time to talk about

Critical illness advice you can’t afford not to know

Many households are in debt through the likes of credit cards, loans and the mortgage. If the main wage earner is diagnosed with a critical illness and cannot work, they are faced with the burden of how to keep up with

No time like the present for life insurance advice

Although it may be difficult and unpleasant to think about death, we all need to consider how your loved ones would cope financially if and when we die. That’s why now is as good a time as any to benefit from

Your questions answered on income protection insurance

Every year millions of people cannot work because of a serious illness or they have had an accident. If you cannot work, would you be able to cope with paying the bills? If losing your income would mean that you struggle financially, income protection insurance can