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Renovating property – challenging, but rewarding

Derelict properties can be purchased for low prices and, while restoring a neglected property is not a task that

American accommodation trend arrives this side of the Atlantic

Co-living, a United States living trend, now appears to be growing in Britain.

Landlords investing in

What is the minimum age to qualify for equity release?

This depends on the age of the youngest person on the title deeds & also property criteria. For lifetime mortgages the minimum age is 55 and for a home reversion plan the minimum age is 65.

Is there a minimum property value for equity release?

Typically the minimum property value acceptable in the equity release marketplace is £70,000  

Would I still own my property?

Full ownership is retained by you with any lifetime mortgage. However, please note that with a home reversion scheme you will no longer fully own the property.