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How the over 55s can make income from their family home

Many people over 55 years of age are cash poor but asset rich. They may not have a lot in the bank, but have considerable value in their family home, especially if the mortgage is paid off or nearly paid off. One option for extra income is equity release which gives access to money tied...

Landlords can release money from buy to let properties

Buy to let landlords are now able to release equity from their properties without being forced to sell.

Remortgaging reduces inheritance tax and releases cash

There has been a trend for elderly people to re-mortgage their property in order to give their middle aged families money and reduce

Equity release could provide much needed money as you get older

For many people, their biggest financial asset is their home. For people over 55 who find themselves short of money, equity release is a way to access the money tied up in it. There are two main types of

Renovating property – challenging, but rewarding

Derelict properties can be purchased for low prices and, while restoring a neglected property is not a task that

American accommodation trend arrives this side of the Atlantic

Co-living, a United States living trend, now appears to be growing in Britain.

Landlords investing in

The rise of the 40-year mortgage

BBC News has reported that sales of long-term mortgages of 35 to 40 years are at record levels, and this is costing people tens of thousands of pounds in extra interest payments.

Back in 2001, most mortgages were

7 Top tips for keeping your home warm this winter

As the frost quickly paves it’s way into our days, it is important that we protect our homes against the harsh freeze in the air. In this article, we have compiled a list of useful tips to keep you and your home protected this winter. 1. Prepare your home for winter There are a number...

The need for good Equity Release advice

Equity Release is being investigated as a retirement solution by more and more people. As we live for longer, more of us in retirement are searching for an extra income, worried that our pensions will either not last or provide us with the lifestyle we wanted. For many people, Equity Release is a great option...

Passing on wealth to your family

Though we might not want to consider it, during retirement many of us will start to consider the legacy we are inevitably going to leave behind at some point to our family and others close to us. The idea that we can leave something behind to help those we love can be a great comfort...