Category: Bridging Finance

New refurbishment bridging loan with guaranteed BTL exit

Some residential property does not qualify for a buy to let mortgage unless it is refurbished. A new type of loan is being trialled to make financing these properties easier.

Some mortgage lenders do not need to see bank statements

Most residential mortgages require borrowers to submit at least three months’ worth of bank statements. Some lenders including Santander, Halifax and Virgin Money have told borrowers that they do not want to see bank statements. Instead, they are relying on a borrower’s credit score to assess affordability. They will still probably want proof of the...

How bridging loans are used by developers

There is plenty of demand for property in the UK, and the government wants new houses to be built to solve the housing shortage. Online retailers are looking for new warehouses for their expanding businesses, and

How bridging finance helps low cash flow

A major concern of businesses is low cash flow, and this is where the flexibility of bringing finance can really come into its own. If income goes down, there

The four stages of the bridging loan process

Bridging loans are a flexible and quick way to raise short-term funds. They can be used for a number or purposes including breaking a house buying chain, completing property auction purposes, renovating the

Short leasehold bridging finance explained

If you own property that has a short time left on the lease, a bridging loan can be used to finance the lease extension.

How to purchase an unmortgageable property if you cannot pay cash

Some properties are bought at auction for very low prices, often less than £50,000. The usual reason why property is sold cheap is because it is unmortgageable. Many people buy these properties for

What to do about low cash flow

Low cash flow is the situation where there is not enough money available for your business. There are several ways to deal with low cash flow, including bridging finance. No matter what

Can you refinance an existing bridging loan?

Up until recently the answer, to the question ‘Can you finance an existing bridging loan’ was ‘no’. However, some lenders are now prepared to offer loans to refinance a bridging loan. These are

Can you rent out your own home?

People who are struggling to sell their home may be tempted to rent it out for a while. Many mortgages have conditions that disallow renting, which means that homeowners need to