Category: Property Bridging Loans

Bridging loans for purchasing unmortgageable property

Bridging loans for purchasing unmortgageable property Over recent years the idea of buying a derelict property cheaply, doing it up (with some stress and heartache on the way), before restoring it to its former glory and selling it on for a healthy profit, have been popularised. However, typically these properties are deemed “unmortgageable” because they […]

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Bridging loans for clearing mortgage arrears and avoiding repossession

Bridging Finance to Clear Mortgage Arrears Repossession is when the lender or seller takes back the property from a buyer/borrower. When proceedings have started for repossession you are given a short amount of time before the repossession order is enforced. The repossession order can be adjourned giving you the opportunity to repay the mortgage loan […]

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How bridging finance works – common questions and answers

How Bridging Finance Works – Your Questions Bridging finance can be used for absolutely any purpose. Traditionally it has been used to complete on one property while awaiting the sale of another. Here is a list of frequently asked questions relating to bridging loans. If you require more specific answers it is always best to […]

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